About Us

We are a company with more than 10 years in the engineering market, located in the South of Spain. At Lightiums we are dedicated to finding disinfection solutions by creating equipment with versatile UVC technology. We design the equipment with CAD programs, machining and manufacturing custom parts in our facilities, using numerical control equipment. The assembly department is responsible for assembling all the components and programming the electronics, complying with the required quality.

Our mission

Lightiums aims to find disinfection solutions for all types of use and to be able to reach all users, especially in the pandemic we are experiencing with COVID-19. We seek to obtain disinfection in the shortest possible time, without using chemical agents that can damage materials. and surfaces.

We want to help you!

We believe that our products are the perfect solution for your company

It’s Portable

Our patented system will allow you to take it everywhere. Its V-mount on the back allows you to simply insert a battery and use the device without having to plug it into an electrical outlet.

User Friendly

UVC lights are controlled by a timer. Our digital display makes it very easy to use and will alert you when the disinfection process is complete. It only takes 2 minutes.

Built by Engineers

All our products are designed, developed and tested by engineers and manufactured by hand with the best quality control.

Accreditation and Partners

Our equipment is laboratory tested and CE certified

We offer you a solution for the disinfection of all types of materials, including electrical equipment.

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We have prepared an app for our company so that you are always informed and get to know our products and news first-hand, you can ask us any questions and contact our different professionals whenever you want.

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