Although all our equipment has been tested in the laboratory, a good reason to find out if the radiation is the amount required for our application, we use a dosimetry card.

Many of the UVC disinfection equipment on the market are fake, the radiation required in such equipment is not enough. Having a system that actually works is not that simple and requires a good understanding of physics. When you buy any of our boxes you will get a 10 card pack of dosimeters, simply place it on the card inside the box and run the cycle.

We also provide this card as the effectiveness of UVC light will decrease over time. We strongly recommend changing the bulbs every 6 months to guarantee the perfect efficiency of the equipment.

Lightiums | Ejemplo Tarjeta Dosímetro

Small Box

Ideal for small items such as phones, keys, masks, etc.

Lightiums | Tarjeta Dosímetro Caja Modelo Mini

Medium Box

For use with larger objects. Toys, shoes, remote controls, laptops, etc.

Lightiums | Tarjeta Dosímetro Caja Modelo Mediana

Big Box

Six times larger than the medium size, it is designed for industrial use.

Lightiums | Tarjeta Dosímetro Caja Modelo Grande

Accreditation and Partners

Our equipment is laboratory tested and CE certified

We offer you a solution for the disinfection of all types of materials, including electrical equipment.

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We respond within 24 hours

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