The transmission of SARS-CoV-2 through the air is a proven fact, so there is a significant potential for exposure to direct contact of the virus in droplets on everyday objects that are constantly used and handled: cell phones, keys, wallet, glasses, etc.

This invention is able to disinfect, inactivate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa on all kinds of objects, including electronic devices, quickly, and in any place.

You can disinfect any type of material, from electronics, such as phones to any plastic material or metals.

In order to achieve a total disinfection a cycle from 3 minutes(MINI BOX) to 2 minutes (MEDIUM AND LARGE). Only insert the items and wait for it to finish.

The indicator will show a blue light while operating, When this light is off you can safely remove your items from the box.

All our product are CE marked. We take safety very serious as UVC radiation in very harmful for human skin and eyes. The run button can only be operated when the box is closed to avoid and hazards.


Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps that distribute ultraviolet energy at a specific wavelength with an output of 254 nanometers (nm). This wavelength is highly effective against microbes, including: viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

SARS-COV-2 will require, for high concentration, a minimum of 16.9 mJ / cm2 of UVC radiation to avoid long term replication.

Use the UVC dosimeter cards and read the value when finished.


Our product has an inside timer which allow the user to only press the start button and wait for it to finish. The radiation dose provide by our systems is more than enough to kill all types of bacteria and virus.

All our equipment is lab tested and guaranty to work for a minimum of 9000 hours or 6 months with the same bulbs, after that period you should replace them. You can also use a dosimeter card to be 100% sure that it worked.

Any maintenance of the electronics of the box can only be performed by our technicians. To clean the inside surface of the box, use a microfiber cloth and surface cleaner with alcohol.


The box will have a three (3) year limited warranty, the warranty begins on the original date of purchase.

UV Lamps and other electrical parts – One (1) year limited warranty, begins on original date of purchase.

Any damaged part cause by the user.
The warranty will be void if any of the original product labels is removed. This limited warranty does not include the cost of labor.

To activate your warranty you need to email us to register your product.


Normally it takes between 10-15 days to manufacture the box, once manufactured it will take between 1 and 2 days for the handling and shipping time.

Yes, we ship worldwide, but for countries outside the European Union, different customs taxes may be charged, supported by the buyer, please contact us to find out the types of shipping available.

The shipping prices depend on the country of destination and the type of product, please contact us to obtain a price for the destination and desired product.


You can pay with Paypal or bank transfer, if you need another payment method you can contact us by email.

If you want a budget for several products, or if you want a product with different measures to those offered, contact us, we can study it and give you a solution.

Yes, we offer discounts to professional staff, contact us to know the discounts available according to order numbers

We have

5 Disinfection Equipment

5 Disinfection Equipment

Although all our equipment has been tested in the laboratory, a good reason to find out if the radiation is the amount required for our application, we use a dosimetry card.

Small box

Ideal for small items such as phones, keys, masks, etc.

Medium Box

For use with larger objects. Toys, shoes, remote controls, laptops, etc.

Big Box

Six times larger than the medium size, it is designed for industrial use.

Small Tower

Air disinfection tower without the use of chemical products or maintenance.

Big Tower

Air disinfection tower without the use of chemical products or maintenance, manufactured with 3d printing technology and stainless steel.

Accreditation and Partners

Our equipment is laboratory tested and CE certified

We offer you a solution for the disinfection of all types of materials, including electrical equipment.

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